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James Stygall
Soprano Cornet

When did you join Littleport Band?

September 2017


When did you start playing and on what instrument?

I picked up a trumpet when I was 10 and have never looked back!


Who was your inspiration when you started playing?

The same year I started playing my Uncle and Aunt bought me a record (yes, vinyl, remember those!!) of the great French Trumpet player Maurice Andre. He was, and always will be, my idol.


Why do you enjoy playing at Littleport?

I get the opportunity to play with a great bunch of people; I’m constantly challenged to improve my own playing; and we are privileged to entertain lots of people LIVE!!!


What has been your most enjoyable moment so far with Littleport in terms of music performed, social events, contests or concerts?

Playing in front of the band with my gorgeous partner, Sue, conducting!


What would you like to achieve with Littleport in the future?

Play in more great concerts, entertaining everyone and inspiring the next generation to take up music.


Away from Littleport what else do you like to do?

Walk, cycle, eat, drink, watch Game of Thrones, collect trumpets……

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