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Sarah Bowe

1st Horn

When did you join Littleport Brass?

Nearly 6 years ago - 2014

When did you start playing and on what instrument?

I started playing in March 1979 on the recorder, piano at 10 and brass in 1985


Who was your inspiration when you started playing?

My mentor and teacher Derrick Ward. He was a stern yorkshireman who scared me to death at school and had healthy respect for as an adult. He was always proud that he had played for Brighouse & Rastrick Brassband.


Why do you enjoy playing at Littleport?

They are a fantastic group of musicians, one of the best I have played for, it challenges me as a musician


What has been your most enjoyable moment so far with Littleport in terms of music performed, social events, contests or concerts?

Playing at the Bolsover Entertainments contest in 2019

What would you like to achieve with Littleport in the future?

For the band to return to the higher sections and play at the finals


Away from Littleport what else do you like to do?

Free time?? Our 2 boys keep me out of mischief

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