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Shaun Pope

1st Baritone

When did you join Littleport Brass?

I joined Littleport Brass in 1993.


When did you start playing and on what instrument?

 I was introduced to music at the age of 10.  No real musical background in my family, but I was given the opportunity by the new headteacher at my primary school.  Started on the baritone (or maybe the euphomuim, it’s way too far back to remember!), no case so I had to take it to school in a black bin bag!!


Who was your inspiration when you started playing?

 My aforementioned headteacher. He introduced me to this this amazing brass band stuff; I have so much respect for him to this very day.  Thank you David Wilson.


Why do you enjoy playing at Littleport? 

 I’ve had a few breaks from Littleport Brass over the years...but its in my blood I guess.  I love playing with Littleport, it’s the team spirit that we have.


What has been your most enjoyable moment so far with Littleport in terms of music performed, social events, contests or concerts? 

 Loads, but I love contesting! When we were promoted to the 1st Section Nationally was a highlight. But all the concerts that we’ve performed, just entertaining the public. 


What would you like to achieve with Littleport in the future?

 Just keep enjoying playing, and being part of a team.  Whatever we achieve together is a bonus!


Away from Littleport what else do you like to do?

 Spending quality time with my two boys, cycling, making the most of life...and being a movie geek!


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